Banana Breeze

Banana Breeze

‘ on the dock, feeling so nice

Watching the waves roll like a paradise

Got my shades on and my feet in the sand

Feeling the rhythm of the island band (ooh-yeah)

Banana breeze, swayin’ in the trees

Yellow and mellow, the taste is so sweet

Oh, banana, you’re my tropical treat

Dancing through the day, jammin’ to the beat (ooh-yeah)

In the morning sun, I wake up slow

Feeling irie, gotta let you know

There’s a fruit that makes me smile real

wide Yellow and curvy, nothin’ to hide (mmm-mm)

Banana rhythm, playin’ in my soul

Got me swayin’ from my head down to my toes

Banana rhythm, sweet and so delightful

Dancin’ to the music, catchin’ vibes so vital (ooh-yeah)

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