Sounds of the Shamisen

Sounds of the Shamisen

三味線 (shamisen)

strings strumming strong and bold

Traditional melodies that never grow old

The hypnotizing rhythm makes my body sway

In the land of the rising sun,

we dance the night away

Reggae beats blend with the ancient sounds

Creating a fusion that’s shaking the grounds

The shamisen’s notes, they pierce through the air

Bringing joy and harmony,

a feeling so rare

三味線音頭 (Shamisen Ondo)

Feel the vibrations in your soul (in your soul)

三味線音頭 (Shamisen Ondo)

Let the music take control (take control)

三味線音頭 (Shamisen Ondo)

Join us in this rhythmic trance (trance, trance)

三味線音頭 (Shamisen Ondo)

Let the shamisen make you dance

(make you dance, make you dance)

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